Brian Lensink, Phoenix, Arizona

Brian received his American Beauty in October and has been busy making “stuff” ever since. He lives in Phoenix, AZ and started turning in 2012 after retiring from a long career as state director for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Arizona, Connecticut and Colorado. He particularly likes segmented turning and basket illusion work. You can see his work at www.lensinkcreations.com

Brian reported, “I turn daily and love this American Beauty. I just like everything about it.”

The center of Jeff Bower’s workshop !

From Jeff:  “Brent, I can’t say enough about my AB – it’s just a rock-solid piece of gear and it’s the center of my workshop now. Thank you!”

Father and Son: Jim and Luke Viar

From the father & son team of Jim and Luke Viar:

“Just following up with a note.  We received our American Beauty.  Everything was perfectly shipped and arrived safely.  We unpacked it, ran the electric supply, and turned a few pieces.  Everything is absolutely flawless in operation.  My son, Luke, couldn’t be happier nor could I.  I was most impressed with the attention to detail within the manufacturing facets… truly made with pride…we will treasure this for at least a generation or two.  Luke is just 18 but he started his wood and leather craft business about 2 years ago.  You can follow him and his employees at www.woodyleathers.com.

Signed: Jim and Luke Viar

Yes, they turn wood in South Korea too !

Mr. Euiho Kim is from South Korea and purchased a fully loaded long bed American Beauty.  We were able to arrange shipment at a reasonable price and he sent us this nice picture of himself in his well equipped workshop with some of his completed work.  Thank you Mr. Kim!