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To purchase toolrests, first select the appropriated tab above based on your lathe size.  Be sure to read the notes to see if there are any exceptions for your lathe.  More info on our toolrests below.

To select the proper tool rest for your lathe click here for the Tool Rest Selection Lathe Matrix

For Tool Rest dimensions and specifications click here Tool Rest Specifications






Comfort Rests earned their name because your hand fits comfortably in the radius of the rest, whether you use an overhand or underhand grip. You can drop the handle of your tools at a angle greater than 45 degrees for shear scraping and skew cutting action. 4, 6, 9, 12 and 15″ widths are available in sizes to fit most 16-25″ lathes.





Low Profile Rests are for spindle turners that like to wrap their hand around the tool rest. They are also your choice for smaller lathes. Like the Comfort rests, you can also drop the handle of your tools at a greater than 45 degree angle. 4, 6, 9 and 12″ widths are available in sizes to fit most 12-25″ lathes.





Shear Scrape Rests allow you to really drop the handle for shear cuts with a bowl gouge. 6, 9 and 12″ widths are available in sizes to fit most 14-25″ lathes.






Curved Tool Rests help you follow the curve of a conventional open bowl. Both and Interior and Exterior style if available. Sizes are available to fit most 16-25″ lathes. The straight-line overhang of the interior rest is about 9.5″. Straight line overhang of the exterior rest is about 5.5″ The radius of both rests is the same, about 8″.








Box Rests are helpful when using a scraper or captive hollow rig to shape the inside of a turned box or other hollow form.  Robust box rests are made from solid ½” thick laser cut steel and relieved on the edge for clearance.  They are offset so that you can do the rim and the inside all in one set up.  A removable pin is provided to keep you from going off the edge.  Sizes to fit most lathes.  The rest is 1.5” wide and overhangs 5”.




J-Rests work best for deeper open forms like vases and hats, but they also work well on bowls. 14″ J-Rests have a straight line overhang of about 9″ and are available to fit most 16-25″ lathes.  9″ J-Rests are available to fit most 12-25″ lathes and have a straight line overhang of about 5.25″.  Also available for mini lathes with a 5/8″ post.






S-Curved Rests have all the positive attributes of our ‘J’ Rests and our regular curved rests.  They work well on bowls and deeper forms like vases, and really shine on platters.  You can turn from rim to center with one positioning.






Custom Post Sizes: If you need a toolrest with a non-standard post diameter or length, the following rates apply:

  • 25 mm  w/$15 upcharge
  • 30 mm  w/$20 upcharge
  • ¾”  w/$10 upcharge
  • 7/8” w/$10 upcharge
  • 1 – 1/8”  w/$10 upcharge
  • 1 – ¼” w/$10 upcharge
  • Extra long to fit certain imports any diameter, additional $10 upcharge

Two Posted Rests:  We also make custom two posted tool rests up to 36” long.  Cost is a flat fee of $90 plus $4 inch.  For instance, a 30″ toolrest is $210. If the posts are not standard 5/8″ 0r 1″, the above custom post charges will be applied for each post.

Ordering Custom Toolrests: You must call in your order at 608-924-1133.  Please have the make and model of your lathe available, as well as the Overall Height – measured from the top of the toolrest where the turning tool rests to the bottom of the post.  Please allow 10-14 days for your custom toolrest to be made.  Shipping charges will apply.