Owners Gallery

  • Keith Flood and his new Sweet 16
    We got this nice note and picture from fairly new turner, Keith Flood: I received my Sweet 16 late Friday and in a few hours had it set up and in place. I have bought a number of other large machines both new and used in the past and never have I had one so exquisitely crated and packaged with Continue Reading
  • Lois Henry and her Birthday Present
    Lois's husband bought her a brand new Sweet 16 for her birthday and she just couldn't be happier.  Her husband says she's asked for a bigger turning studio next year ! Printer Friendly
  • Brian Lensink, Phoenix, Arizona
    Brian received his American Beauty in October and has been busy making “stuff” ever since. He lives in Phoenix, AZ and started turning in 2012 after retiring from a long career as state director for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Arizona, Connecticut and Colorado. He particularly likes segmented turning and basket illusion work. You can see his work Continue Reading
  • The center of Jeff Bower’s workshop !
    From Jeff:  "Brent, I can’t say enough about my AB - it’s just a rock-solid piece of gear and it’s the center of my workshop now. Thank you!" Printer Friendly
  • Father and Son: Jim and Luke Viar
    From the father & son team of Jim and Luke Viar: "Just following up with a note.  We received our American Beauty.  Everything was perfectly shipped and arrived safely.  We unpacked it, ran the electric supply, and turned a few pieces.  Everything is absolutely flawless in operation.  My son, Luke, couldn't be happier nor could I.  I was most impressed Continue Reading
  • Yes, they turn wood in South Korea too !
    Mr. Euiho Kim is from South Korea and purchased a fully loaded long bed American Beauty.  We were able to arrange shipment at a reasonable price and he sent us this nice picture of himself in his well equipped workshop with some of his completed work.  Thank you Mr. Kim! Printer Friendly
  • A great note from Mathew Kraft
    We got this great note from Mathew Kraft.  We have to admit, he looks pretty pumped up in his picture: "Thank you so much for making such a wonderful lathe!  I struggled mightily between a Oneway and an American Beauty.  After one session on this amazing tool, I have no doubt I made the right choice!" Printer Friendly
  • Ken Thrun, Retired patternmaker & model maker
    My first lathe was a Delta mini lathe. The when I wanted something a little larger, I acquired an old Delta Rockwell lathe from a high school that closed their industrial arts department. After many years of struggling with that 1960 vintage lathe I knew I needed to upgrade. A member in my woodturning club said that if I wanted Continue Reading
  • Phil Irons – noted professional woodturner
    Got this nice email and image from well known UK based turner (all though originally an Aussie) Phil Irons recently.  Phil has been turning on his Robust lathes for several years now and had these kind words: "In my thirty year career as a pro turner traveling the world teaching and demonstrating I must have used a good majority of Continue Reading
  • Andrew Rothwell from Nevada
    Andrew Rothwell from Nevada and his new American Beauty. If you'll forgive the modified saying, "his turning is so bright he needs to wear shades!"  Ralph Benson, our dealer in Reno, assisted Andrew with the sale and delivery. Printer Friendly
  • Jim Blais from Michigan
    Jim Blais hails from Michigan and shared this comment with us: My new Robust American Beauty lathe has made its way to its new home! I’m really impressed with it!  Please thank your all of your Associates that played a part in its production and shipping.   Printer Friendly
  • Roger Becker’s Basement Beauty
    Roger Becker is past-president of our local AAW chapter and we've known him for about fifteen years.  Roger is an active turner, doing many craft shows and has work in a number of galleries.  He and his wife Jackie are both active carvers, and their Santa Claus figurines at Christmas time are a must-have gift.  Roger hired some husky movers Continue Reading
  • Carl Bergstrom’s lake side American Beauty
    We love getting these kind of comments from customers like Carl even more than we love making lathes: My property values have gone way up.  The lake-side building is no longer called the “Shop”.  With your beautiful lathe it is now called the “Studio”.  The shipper delivered the lathe this morning.  Everything went Perfect!  You guys win the award for Continue Reading
  • Another American Beauty finds a great home !
    Terry Thompson from Iowa stopped by a few weeks ago and picked up his new American Beauty.  This is Terry in his shop after he got it unloaded.  Terry is a retired businessman and we had a great conversation about "Made in the USA" including the importance of having dependable suppliers.  Terry, we built your new AB to be is Continue Reading
  • Ira Bell’s new American Beauty
    Ira Bell took possession of his new American Beauty late last year.  He was assisted by one of our favorite representatives, Don Geiger of Geiger Solutions in Florida.  Here's what Ira had to say: “I’m thrilled with my American Beauty lathe.  It has exceeded all my expectations. I wish I had gotten it sooner. The service Geiger Solutions provided was Continue Reading
  • Nathan Harris’ Long Bed American Beauty
    Nathan didn't hold back when he got his American Beauty.  Not only did he get the long bed version, he added the 16" bed extension too.  That makes a pretty impressive wood lathe !  It didn't take he and his son long to get it uncrated and to start putting it through its paces.  These pictures are from its maiden Continue Reading
  • Bruce Quigley’s new Sweet 16
    Bruce took delivery of his Sweet 16 standard bed in October.  Bruce writes: The crate arrived as scheduled. I had enough time to disassemble the crate that evening, but I had to go out of town for a week the following morning. I couldn’t wait to get home to start using it.  I’ve now finished two projects and everything works Continue Reading
  • Eric Weinstein
    Eric Weinstein is a full-time practicing attorney in Massachusetts.  Turning as a hobbyist since 2009 when he took a pen class at a local Woodcraft, this is what he had to say about his new Scout lathe:  “I was upgrading from a midi-lathe and looking for a lathe that wasn’t too big or too heavy due to size limitations of Continue Reading
  • Dwight Kraich
    Dwight Kraich ( writes: Have my new Sweet 16 set-up and giving it a whirl.  LOVE IT!!!!  Made the right choice, your lathe is wonderful and I am sure it will provide me with many hours of enjoyment!!  Thanks again for all your support throughout this process and THANK YOU for building such a wonderful lathe that I know will Continue Reading
  • Scott Synnott
    Scott Synnott from Reston, Virginia used his creativity to get his American Beauty where he wanted it.  Scott writes:  Once I got it off loaded and into the garage I reinforced the shipping pallet and put on some wheels.  This allowed me to roll it around the house and into the basement. I used an electric winch and cable to Continue Reading
  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia from Boyce Louisiana sent us this photo of his new American Beauty is his really nice woodworking studio. Printer Friendly
  • Ken Gately
    Ken Gately is one of our growing number of UK customers, mostly the thanks of well know turner and Robust dealer, Phil Irons.   Ken writes: Please find attached a picture of me and my first piece of turning on my new lathe. I am so pleased with it. A few guys from the club have been to see it and Continue Reading
  • Robert Fletcher
    Robert Fletcher from Juneau, Alaska writes: Sending you this photo of one of three finished spheres.  They are to be part of an art sculpture going in the vocational technical high school in Wasilla, Alaska. They are 18" in diameter, hollow, and each sphere is constructed of 170 pieces of common fir lumber. Robert says:   Thanks for the great machine that Continue Reading
  • Howard Wilson
    Howard Wilson shows how to “gitter done” and writes: Thanks for the Monday delivery,  Attached are two pictures of getting the lathe into the house. My two favorite colors, Robust Gray and John Deere Green. The wheels worked great. Printer Friendly
  • Mary Lacer
    Mary Lacer is from Wisconsin.  Mary writes: I’ve turned on our American Beauty from time to time.  On a recent project in getting some pieces ready for a gallery show I was turning on another lathe using some bigger logs.  When the lathe started to vibrate, I moved over to the American Beauty and the lathe didn't move in the Continue Reading
  • Jim Sexton
    Jim Sexton, a house builder in Lewiston, Texas approached us about buying an American Beauty to make hollow forms.  He’d never turned before, but from the looks of this box elder piece, he’s catching on just fine. That’s Jim’s granddaughter checking for consistent wall thickness. Printer Friendly
  • Joseph McGill
    Joe McGill from Sudbury Massachusetts writes:  I have been a member of Central New England Woodturners for about 15 years and currently serve as its president.  I teach woodturning through my local high school’s adult education program and serve as a mentor in my club. After almost 30 years performing forensic evaluations for the Massachusetts Courts I decided that it Continue Reading
  • Nick Reale
    If you like our new website design, you can thank Nick Reale, Cappuccino Media Group.  Nick doesn't just limit his creativity to websites though, he is also an active turner and just took delivery of a 3HP American Beauty with Tilt-Away and outboard turning attachment.  Here's what Nick had to say: "My American Beauty is a great piece of machinery. Continue Reading
  • Charles Wearing
    Charles Wearing, retired pharmacist from southern Wisconsin recently sent us this update with a photo of a piece made on his Liberty lathe: "This photo shows a finished piece of amboyna burl I was fortunate to win at last years Robust open house (2014) .  Sealed with shellac followed with several coats of Deft brush on lacquer.  Far less less Continue Reading
  • Alan Trout
    Alan Trout from Texas makes some really wonderful pieces, and not just from wood. He sent us this photo and these words: I just wanted to thank you for all the help in getting my American Beauty and building such a wonderful machine. It has been a joy to use and far as I am concerned is the best designed Continue Reading
  • Alan Dorsey
    Alan Dorsey, and professional woodworker from New York sent us this photo and these words: Wanted to let you know that I got the big wood mounted and spinning. (A chain hoist sure helped!) The floor of my shop is diamond-hard concrete and bolting the lathe down would be a pain so I piled some iron weights on the ways (not Continue Reading
  • John Kerr
    John Kerr is retired, but his woodturning hobby is a full time obsession. He does a lot of art and craft fairs in his area. We really like this photo because it shows the advantages of the American Beauty's sliding headstock and Tilt-Away better than words can describe. John has full acess to his work without bending over when the Continue Reading
  • Kevin Tallon
    Kevin Tallon is a retired Navy Senior Chief and started turning on a Delta Midi after he retired.  Kevin ordered through one of our dealers, David Ellsworth.  Here’s what Kevin has to say about his experience: After attending David Ellsworth's turning class I quickly realized that I could not grow as a turner on the Delta.  After consulting with David Continue Reading
  • Chris Berberich
    Chris Berberich from Connecticut really likes that with the sliding headstock he can move everything towards the tailstock end of the lathe and just stand in a normal position.  Chris goes on to say: This is just a pleasure to be turning on. I did a class last weekend on a rickety old machine, practically falling apart. I did feel Continue Reading
  • Dave Crady
    Dave Crady from California is a happy Liberty Customer. After he took delivery of his Liberty, he not only made some artistic woodturnings, he worked some Photo Shop magic to create this interpretation of his lathe. Printer Friendly
  • Del Hollingsworth
    Del Hollingsworth from Texas sent us this picture and note shortly after getting his American Beauty: Just wanted to give you an update on my American Beauty. I've had a chance to get in enough shop time that I now feel totally comfortable with this beauty. I was concerned at first that it didn't have a digital readout, but that Continue Reading
  • Wally Duchow
    Wally Duchow is originally from Wisconsin, about an hour away from the Robust shop. He is retired and now lives in Arkansas. This is what Wally has to say about his Sweet 16: Here's the first item I turned on my new Sweet 16. It's a 29 3/4" platter. I wanted to do 30" but the board (it's a glue Continue Reading
  • Shintaro Nakajima
    Shintaro Nakajima was our second Japanese customer. The big earthquake happened during his build time, but luckily he was not affected. He sent us the first picture when the lathe first arrived. He sent us the second one after using it a while. A picture truly is worth a thousand words. Printer Friendly
  • Bob Foss
    Bob Foss from central Wisconsin has been wanting to make big platters for years. With the Robust Sweet 16 he can do just that. Here is a picture of Bob with a recently completed 26" Maple master piece. If you'd like to contact Bob, here is his email Printer Friendly
  • Bruce Lewellyn
    Bruce Lewellyn from California sent out this picture and email to some of his pals: OK gang, it's here and up and running. Check out the chips this baby makes. This salad bowl (rather large) is it's first turning. What a fantastic machine. Even better than I remembered from the last time I'd seen a Robust. Lots of keen features. Continue Reading
  • Michael Foster
    Michael Foster from Vermont is turning out some truly outstanding wood art. Here's what he has to say about his American Beauty: I love the lathe. It is really one sweet machine and a pleasure to use. I use it constantly, and have done some whacky off center pieces on it without adding weight or bolting it to the floor...Thanks Continue Reading
  • Roger Taft
    Roger Taft of Laguna Beach, California, with his new Sweet 16 lathe.  Roger is a retired computer programmer now with more time (and still good health) to devote to gardening and woodturning.  With Roger is neighbor Jim Chretien of EventMover who arranged the delivery of the lathe.  In the lathe is a block of eucalyptus from a just-felled 100 foot Continue Reading
  • Tom Hamilton
    Tom Hamilton is one of our local area turners. After getting frustrated with an import machine, he started to investigate higher quality machines. To Tom's suprise, after he had chose to go with a Sweet 16, he learned that Robust President, Brent English, was an old co-worker. We've enjoyed getting reacquainted with Tom and watching him grow as a woodturner. Continue Reading
  • Alan Miotke
    Alan Miotke is another Chicago area turner. Alan picked up his lathe and wrote a nice article about the experience for the Chicago Woodturners newsletter, of which he is the editor. Here's what Alan had to say when he sent us this picture of his American Beauty and example of some of his fine segmented work: "The lathe continues to Continue Reading
  • Jack Harkins
    Jack Harkins lives in the Chicago area. Jack is a pretty ambitious woodturner and a wooden sailboat aficionado as well.  Here's what he had to say when he sent us this picture: "Since I didn’t start turning until I was in my late 60s (on a Jet mini), I felt I was too old to go thru the usual progression Continue Reading
  • Wayne Akerman
    Wayne Akerman is from northern Illinois so he and his son made the trip to our shop in southern Wisconsin to pick up the Sweet 16 we built for him. Dealing with Wayne has been a treat and he keeps buying more toys for his lathe, like the curved rest you see here and a steady rest as well. Not Continue Reading
  • Stuart Johnson
    Stuart Johnson from Texas is shown here on delivery day of his American Beauty. Stuart reports " great it is to turn on such a fine machine. I knew I was going to like it but I'm amazed at the difference it makes in even a 14 inch platter." Printer Friendly
  • Stan Wellborn
    Stan Wellborn is an AAW board member from Washington DC. Here's what he had to say in his club's newsletter: "This year I splurged on a Robust American Beauty – and I love it. I wanted a lathe that had bigger capacity, and the Robust has a 25-inch swing with a tilt-away tailstock and a sliding headstock. And, it operates Continue Reading
  • Ron Scott
    Ron Scott from Wanless, Manitoba Canada, is not our farthest north customer, as we do have a few machines in Alaska, but he's still pretty far up there. Ron is a retired museum curator and makes museum quality bowls and platters on his American Beauty. Printer Friendly
  • David Ellsworth
    This photo is of David Ellsworth turning in studio at his family cabin in Colorado.  David is an authorized reseller and chose to purchase a Sweet 16 for his summer get-away. David is shown turning an extra long spindle for a bed-post, the other end of which is supported by a live center mounted to the wall ! David featured Continue Reading
  • Chris Hartley
    Chris Hartley from Willis, Texas is the proud owner of this Robust lathe with all the bells and whistles.  Chris spent a lot of time choosing just how he wanted this lathe set up, but you'd expect that from a fellow with years of experience serving us in the military, ministry and now the funeral and cemetery services industry. Chris is Continue Reading
  • William Aulick
    William Aulick from Cincinnati has this to say about his Sweet 16: "I am enjoying it, almost daily. It has performed extremely well. It does everything that I want from a lathe. I have no regrets about getting this, well maybe I should have bought it earlier than I did. It gives me confidence, I know the lathe will do Continue Reading
  • Bob Schmitt
    Bob Schmitt, Waverly, Ohio is the proud owner of this Robust 25" American Beauty with the optional 24" bed extension and Tilt Away. Like Phil Powell above, Bob took a chance when we were just getting started, and he is the second of our now long list of customers. When we asked Bob recently if he wanted to update his Continue Reading
  • Adam Hood
    Adam Hood of Florida is the first person to get a new Independence lathe, designed specifically for seated turners. Adam was one of a group of seated turners who helped us evaluate our design as it progressed. Adam had this to say about his new lathe: Got the lathe yesterday and all I can say is, I LOVE This THING!!!!! Continue Reading
  • John Nicholson
    Here's John Nicholson from Dane, Wisconsin with the very first Sweet 16. John is a good friend and former president of our local AAW chapter. Because John is close by, we had the pleasure of personally delivering this lathe to his very well equipped studio. John mentors many of our club's new members and his skill and good nature are Continue Reading
  • Phil Powell
    Phil Powell, Tennessee, was our very first Robust owner, shown here taking possession of Robust #2 (we kept #1 for ourself). That's Phil on the left.  Phil's a retired art professor and a real pioneer. His long experience as a potter helps him exploit the power of a turned form. Phil chose the 25" American Beauty with the Tilt Away, selling Continue Reading
  • Steve Sinner
    Steve Sinner, Bettendorf, Iowa is a well known wood artist whose work is shown at prominent galleries and museums like the del Mano Gallery in California and the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. Starting with a whole log, Steve turns and hollows large vase forms with intricate and elaborate surface treatment. Steve chose a long bed American Continue Reading
  • Merl Miller
    Merl Miller received his American Beauty right before Christmas, 2013 and put it work turning segmented bowls for gifts. Merl writes: Just wanted to show you the bowls I turned so far on this awesome lathe. Only one complaint: I can't find enough time to spend on it! Thanks for building such a great lathe. Wishing you and Brent a Continue Reading
  • Tom Livernois
    Tom Livernois from Oregon makes beautiful spinning wheels. Check out his website here. Here's a few pictures of Tom's Sweet 16 in action turning a "spinning wheel wheel". You can see that the gap is removed and placed on the front of the headstock. Tom has the banjo positioned on the gap section and the tailstock extension (a standard accessory Continue Reading
  • Bill Callaghan
    Bill Callaghan from Florida writes: I have had my American Beauty for a little over 6 months and I just wanted to give you an updated assessments of the machine. Being that this was going to be my first and probably my last lathe, I wanted to get the best machine I could for the money. Upon receiving the Robust Continue Reading
  • Jack Armstrong
    Jack Armstrong is a recent retiree to New Zealand. Jack took a chance on us and bought his lathe without ever actually seeing one in person. We did some special packing for Jack to ensure a safe arrival on his distant shore, and helped him organize a somewhat challenging delivery to his studio behind his house Here's part of Jack's Continue Reading
  • Larry Shire
    Larry Shire bought his S16 several years ago and still must like it because he just sent us this picture along with some of his recent work. Larry hails from Pennsylvania, but like a lot of folks moved south when he retired. Larry writes: Thanks for making such a wonderful lathe. I'm the envy of my friends in the turning Continue Reading
  • Andrea Morandini
    Andrea Morandini was our very first Italian customer. Andrea makes a version of bagpipes commonly called Uilleann Pipes or Union Pipes and sometimes called Irish Pipes, as uilleann means elbow in Irish. Andrea tells us they have been used for the soundtrack of movies such as Braveheart , Titanic and The Shipping News. Andrea writes: Just a few words to Continue Reading
  • Bruce Markwardt
    Bruce Markwardt  was a founding member of the AAW and now lives south of Detroit.  Here’s what Bruce has to say about his woodworking experience: Over the years I made everything from pens to Windsor chairs to Shaker candle stands.  I got away from turning for several years and pursued other interests.  I got back into turning a couple of Continue Reading
  • John Ahren
    John Ahren is our latest Irish owner. We've learned John has quite and assortment of lathes in his shop and we're happy he's added an American Beauty to the mix. Hi Brent, please find photo of myself and my American Beauty. What is there to say about it except that it is all I expected and wanted in a lathe I Continue Reading
  • Charlie Levan
    We got a nice note from Charlie Levan in Georgia after he received the American Beauty he ordered after our 2014 open house. Here are a few excerpts: .... I have been having a lot of fun with the AB.  I am still learning and just making chips seems to be a good thing. I probably have spent about 40 Continue Reading
  • Jim Walt
    Jim Walt bought his Sweet 16 from Marc Solomon, who along with Peter Steenwyk owns Woodchuckers, one of Canadian dealers, located in Toronto. Here is the picture I promised, I have turned all this stuff on the Sweet 16. I could not be happier with this machine, everything is just as advertised and there is not one thing i can Continue Reading
  • Robert Blum
    Robert Blum from California started out getting his Sweet 16 like that old Johnny Cash song, "One piece at a time". He first ordered a replacement banjo for his Jet 1642 and was so impressed with the quality that he bought the rest of the lathe at the Phoenix AAW Symposium. After he took delivery, here's what he had to Continue Reading
  • Steve Doerr
    Steve Doerr is from Missourri, the "Show Me" state. Here's what he had to say after he had his first look at his new American Beauty: Brent, here is a picture of my first two bowls turned on my new American Beauty...Needless to say, the AB performed GREAT. Be sure and tell Deb and all the crew I said thanks Continue Reading
  • Amy Gilron
    Amy Gilron sent us this photo with a note reminding us that we didn't have any woman turners on our gallery page. We are fortunate to have quite a few female turners on our list of owners, and like Amy many of them have a Sweet 16. Amy is a professional woodworker residing in Israel and examples of her work Continue Reading
  • Tim Yoder
    Emmy Award Winner Tim Yoder who starred in PBS's “Woodturning Workshop” has teamed up with Popular Woodworking Magazine on an all-new show. In each 30-minute episode Tim demonstrates beautiful woodturning projects, from wine stoppers and duck calls to platters and bowls. Robust sponsors the show and provided Tim a brand new American Beauty to use filming most episodes. Get a Continue Reading