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Woodturners enjoy achieving a flawless inside cut on turned pieces. Tru-Arc lets you do this to perfection on shallow bowls and platters.

Tru-Arc is a captive turning system that guides the cutter in a precise arc or radius, ensuring a clean and consistent inside line that’s nearly impossible to achieve by hand.

Setting up the Tru-Arc system is simple. After you’ve determined a few basic dimensions, begin by securing the tailstock pivot in the tailstock, and setting up your Tru-Arc to the desired radius length.

Your Tru-Arc is primarily a finishing tool, so you’ll want to get your work roughly to shape with conventional tools first.  After finishing the inside, you’ll then finish the outside of the piece, checking your wall thickness with calipers. 

Tru-Arc is so consistent that it often reduces sanding.  Please be sure to watch the video below:

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