Live Center with #2 MT

$ 119.00

A precision 40 degree angular contact ball bearing, sealed & lubricated for life, carries both the thrust load and rear radial load.  This is the largest bearing used in any commercially available woodturning live center. 

Please note: The live center will feel loose when just held in your hand.  The radial thrust bearing needs to have a small amount of pressure on it to run tight and true. Combined with a precision radial bearing in the nose, this two bearing setup will deliver long lasting service and accuracy.

The tip of the center extends and reverses to accommodate your turning. The flat end of the tip is useful when reverse chucking when using a vacuum chuck or jam chuck and will support the work without marking the bottom of the piece.  To adjust or remove the tip, simply loosen the set screw with the provided Allen key.  If the tip doesn’t move freely right away, nudge it with a Philips screwdriver through the hollow shaft to get it to move.

The cup center is threaded 3/4‐10 for standard accessories.  A 5/16” thru hole accommodates drilling. The #2 Morse Taper shank is tapped 3/8-16 for draw bar applications.

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