18" to 25" Lathes

If you have a 18-25” lathe with 1″ post, these rests should fit. Examples include our American Beauty, Powermatic 3520 A, B & C, Oneway 2436, Laguna 18/36 & 24/36, Harvey T60S and many others.

NOTE: For the Oneway 20” lathes, only the Low Profile and 9” J-rest will fit.

EXCEPTIONS: Some imports, notably the Grizzly 0766 and G0800 have very short banjos. You will need to special order extra-long post toolrests to fit these lathes. Please see “Toolrest Dimensions” to see if our rests will work. There is a small upcharge for specials, you will need to call in your order.

25MM POST WARNING: Older Grizzly, Laguna and other imported lathes may use 25mm posts which are slightly smaller than 1”. THESE WILL NOT WORK. PLEASE MEASURE YOUR POSTS BEFORE ORDERING. FYI: 25mm = .984”, and 1” = 25.4mm. 25mm posts are available special order – please call in special orders.