15" to 16" Lathe

25MM POST WARNING: Older Grizzly, Laguna and other imported lathes might use 25mm posts which are slightly smaller than 1”. THESE WILL NOT WORK. PLEASE MEASURE YOUR POSTS BEFORE ORDERING. FYI: 25mm = .984”, and 1” = 25.4mm. 25mm posts are available special order.

NOTE: The Oneway 1640 has a very tall banjo, only the Low Profile style rests, 9″ S-rest and 9” J-rest will fit.

ANOTHER NOTE: The Record Envoy 16″: The 12″ Interior Curved rest and 14″ S-rest will NOT fit, but all the other curved rests and straight rests will.

AND STILL ANOTHER NOTE: Some of the 16″ Grizzly and Harbor Freight lathes, notably the Grizzly G0462 have very short banjos. You’ll want to order tool rests from the 18-25″ page. You may need to shorten the long post a fraction of an inch for these machines. A few minutes with a sharp, coarse hacksaw will fix you right up.