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Bruce Quigley’s new Sweet 16

Bruce took delivery of his Sweet 16 standard bed in October.  Bruce writes: The crate arrived as scheduled. I had enough time to disassemble the crate that evening, but I had to go out of town for a week the following morning. I couldn’t wait to get home to start using it.  I’ve now finished…
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Eric Weinstein

Eric Weinstein is a full-time practicing attorney in Massachusetts.  Turning as a hobbyist since 2009 when he took a pen class at a local Woodcraft, this is what he had to say about his new Scout lathe:  “I was upgrading from a midi-lathe and looking for a lathe that wasn’t too big or too heavy…
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Tom Albrect 1Tom Albrecht and his granddaughter: I don't call myself a "professional" turner.  I was formerly an Industrial Arts teacher in the public schools and I fell into that work because I loved wood shop when I was in High School in the mid 60's.  The wood lathe 2was always my favourite tool then because it was the only machine that I could use when I controlled the cutting tool and the wood was under power.


Your American Beauty is my fifth lathe.  I started with a Delta in 1973, moved to a Conover, then a Woodfast, then a Oneway, and now my Beauty.  Your team has obviously put a lot of thought into your machines and the design.  So far, my time with this AB has been incredibly enjoyable and functionally excellent. This is my last lathe-- you cannot come up with anything better.


[In regards to the tool handles]: I really like the collet chuck design because of the simplicity of removing and exchanging the cutting tools without having to use an allen wrench.

Peter WolfPETER WOLF is proprietor of “Wolf Whiskers” and manufactures a really neat line of shaving brushes.  They are so popular there is actually a waiting list (kind of like Robust Lathes…)  Peter grew up in our home state of Wisconsin, spent 20 years in the Navy and now resides in Virginia.  Here’s what Peter had to say about his Independence lathe:

I’ve been using the Independence now for a couple of months and I cannot say enough about how much I love it.

Richard ChiswellRichard Chiswell is one of the growing number of UK turners choosing Robust with the help of our UK representative, Phil Irons.  Here are some excerpts from a brief article he wrote for “Woodturning” magazine, published in the UK, but available worldwide:

Chance took me to the Robust website early in 2015. Watching videos of the sturdy American Beauty lathe I was tempted.  In the Autumn, I saw one at the local woodturning show (Phil Irons had a booth there) and was hooked.

 There was good natured teasing from woodturning friends. Some asked, ‘What will it do that your current lathe won’t?’  A great question and difficult to answer other than to ramble about Zen and the joy of everything to do with wood turning.  Overall the view was ‘buy it if you can afford it’.  

 Taking the plunge I phoned Brent and Deb English in Wisconsin who made it seem easy.  By appointment I went to see Phil to ask a few questions – mainly about setting up the lathe.  A couple of weeks earlier than expected Brent emailed to say the lathe was ready. They arranged a quote for carriage door to door. How easy it is to import depends a good deal on the company from whom you purchase; Robust made it all very easy.

 I’m now the delighted owner of a shiny new American Beauty and enjoying it enormously.

Dwight Kraich

Dwight Kraich ( writes: Have my new Sweet 16 set-up and giving it a whirl.  LOVE IT!!!!  Made the right choice, your lathe is wonderful and I am sure it will provide me with many hours of enjoyment!!  Thanks again for all your support throughout this process and THANK YOU for building such a wonderful…
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Scott Synnott

Scott Synnott from Reston, Virginia used his creativity to get his American Beauty where he wanted it.  Scott writes:  Once I got it off loaded and into the garage I reinforced the shipping pallet and put on some wheels.  This allowed me to roll it around the house and into the basement. I used an…
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Jose Garcia

Jose Garcia from Boyce Louisiana sent us this photo of his new American Beauty is his really nice woodworking studio.
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Ken Gately

Ken Gately is one of our growing number of UK customers, mostly the thanks of well know turner and Robust dealer, Phil Irons.   Ken writes: Please find attached a picture of me and my first piece of turning on my new lathe. I am so pleased with it. A few guys from the club have…
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Robert Fletcher

Robert Fletcher from Juneau, Alaska writes: Sending you this photo of one of three finished spheres.  They are to be part of an art sculpture going in the vocational technical high school in Wasilla, Alaska. They are 18" in diameter, hollow, and each sphere is constructed of 170 pieces of common fir lumber. Robert says:   Thanks…
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Howard Wilson

Howard Wilson shows how to “gitter done” and writes: Thanks for the Monday delivery,  Attached are two pictures of getting the lathe into the house. My two favorite colors, Robust Gray and John Deere Green. The wheels worked great.
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Mary Lacer

Mary Lacer is from Wisconsin.  Mary writes: I’ve turned on our American Beauty from time to time.  On a recent project in getting some pieces ready for a gallery show I was turning on another lathe using some bigger logs.  When the lathe started to vibrate, I moved over to the American Beauty and the…
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