Vacuum Adapter

$ 109.00

A vacuum adapter is the rotary coupling needed to connect a vacuum hose to the lathe spindle.  It simply slides into the handwheel end of the spindle and is held in place with two 0-rings. The threads for the fittings are standard ¼” NPT (National Pipe Thread), available online or at any hardware store.  This is the only part of the vacuum system we sell. 

The stem of the vacuum adapter is 5/8″ and it also fits the popular Powermatic 3520 series of lathes (A, B & C).

There are a number of good online resources that show how to set up a vacuum system.  One Robust recommendation: get an actual vacuum pump instead of a vacuum generator that runs on compressed air.  Vacuum pumps are quieter, more reliable, and generally pull a higher vacuum.

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