Universal Lathe Stand

$ 995.00

Robust Universal Lathe Stand

The Robust Universal Stand is the most adjustable, adaptable lathe stand on the market.  The Robust Scout, a 14” lathe bolts directly on.  By using an adapter board provided by the user, any small lathe can fit.

The Universal Stand can raise the lathe up for a tall standing turner or dropped down and tipped forward  to accommodate a seated turner.  Please note, to change the height after initial assembly requires removing the lathe from the stand and disassembling the legs.

The Universal Stand goes together quickly and easily with just two tools, a 1/2” wrench and a 9/16” wrench.  All hardware to assemble the stand is included.

If used for any other lathe than the Robust Scout, additional hardware will be needed to attach your adapter board to the stand and to attach your lathe to the adapter board.  For the adapter board, a solid clear 2 x 10 is recommended, or two pieces of quality 3/4” plywood laminated together works well too.

A three-caster set up is available for the Universal Stand.  Once installed, no tools are needed to engage and disengage the casters.  There are two straight casters that go on the headstock end and a swivel caster that goes on the tailstock end.

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