Robust Lathes Overview

Features you’ll like on all Robust lathes:

Warranty: Robust offers an exclusive “head to tail” seven year warranty on everything. Read more about our warranty HERE

Stainless Steel Ways:  Stainless steel ways are standard equipment on all our lathes.  Whether you turn wet wood or exotics, your Robust ways will not rust.

Spindle: The spindle is pre-hardened 4140 Chrome Moly alloy with an 1 1/4″-8 spindle nose drilled and readily equipped for vacuum.  There is a groove for a safety set screw and a #2 Morse taper. A metric spindle, threaded 33 x 3.5 is also available on most models.

  Heavy duty permanently lubricated bearings are fitted. Robust is the only manufacturer that warrants the headstock bearings, and warrants them for seven years.

Spindle lock: The spindle lock electronically disconnects the controls when it is engaged.  No more burnt belts when you forget to unlock the spindle.

Handwheel: The American Beauty and Sweet 16 are equipped with a highly polished and comfortable handwheel.  The Scout comes with two faceplates, one of which may be used for a handwheel.

Indexing: 48 position indexing is standard with 24 positions on Scout

Motor and Drives:  We use Leeson or Baldor motors and quality matched drives (“inverter” or “VFD”). Two and three horsepower are 220v single phase, and the 1.0 and 1.5 HP motors are available 110v or 220v. The drive can be slowed to a creep for operations like applying finishes. Because we use a vector drive with auto-tune, full torque is available at ALL speeds.

Variable speed and forward/reverse are standard. All the lathe controls for the large lathes are on a corded pendant with a magnetic back.  Place them on the headstock, tailstock, or anywhere else that is convenient for you. The controls for the Scout are fixed, with a stop bar running the length of the bed.

Sliding Headstock: The American Beauty features a sliding headstock with two lock downs.  The headstock can be slid the length of the bed, allowing full access to the work from a variety of natural body positions.  It is locked in place via a lever extending from the end of the headstock. The headstocks on the Sweet 16 and Scout are fixed.

Bed Construction:  Beds are constructed of structural and stainless steels, fully welded and stress relieved before final finishing. 16″ bed extensions are available for all models.

Comfortable Turning Height:  Adjustable legs easily adjust the spindle height from just under 42″ to almost 50″.

Standard Accessories: Every Robust lathe comes with these standard accessories at no extra cost:

  • Handwheel
  • Spindle Lock with electronic interlock
  • Magnetic backed, corded pendant remote control with variable speed, forward/reverse and stop (Fixed controls with full length stop bar on Scout)
  • 48 Position Indexing (24 position for Scout)
  • Knock-Out Rod
  • 12″ Robust Tool Rest with Hardened Rod
  • Robust Drive Center – cup style with adjustable point and threaded for accessories
  • Robust Live Center – cup style with adjustable point and threaded for accessories
  • Operator Manual
  • 3.5″ Aluminum Face Plate