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“Compact Capacity - Sweet 16 Version 2.0”


It’s not easy to improve something as good as our Sweet 16 lathe, but we listened and made a few changes we think you’ll like. Introducing Sweet 16, Version 2.0. We’ve added digital readout and moved the bolts that attach the gap section to a more convenient spot on top. Our improved caster design keeps the casters on the lathe and engage with a flip of a lever.

The main feature of the S16 is its removable bed section. Removing the section creates a gap to let you turn a bowl or platter up to 32". Moving the section to the end of the lathe increases spindle turning capacity by 14".   The Sweet 16 video demonstrates these features in action.



The S16 is available with a Short, Standard or Long bed. Like our other lathes, it adjusts to your height.  The standard 1-1/2 HP motor can be wired either 110 or 220 volt. If you have 220v available, most people opt for the 2HP motor.  There is no belt changing and the RPM range is 50-2900


The USA made VFD (aka "Inverter") is mounted on the left side of the headstock and displays the spindle RPM.  . Low end torque is ensured the use of a vector style motor drive and further augmented by using a smaller pulley on the motor than on the spindle. High end speed is derived electronically.


Locking the spindle disconnects the controls, so no more burnt belts if you try to start the lathe with the spindle lock engaged.  48 position indexing is standard and accessed from inside the headstock as shown in the picture.


The Sweet 16 has:


Removable gap section to increase diameter and length capacity

Digital RPM readout

Adjustable Spindle Height

Corded Pendant Controller

1.5 HP/110 or 220 volt  or  2.0 HP 220 volt

Premium Vector Drive with Auto-Tune

Variable Speed, Forward/Reverse

Graduated Quill


Popular Options:

Short, Standard or Long Bed

Auxiliary 110 volt outlet

Tool Caddy/Tailstock Rack

Vacuum Adapter

Caster Kit

Bed Extension



Watch the video or download the spec sheet to learn how to move the gap to the side and turn a 32” bowl or platter in one set up. You can also move the gap to the end for long spindles.

Tilt Away



While needed for so many operations, tailstocks are often in the way when turning bowls, vessels and boxes. The normal solution: take it off and try to find a clean spot that isn’t also a trip hazard. That's the easy part. Getting a heavy tailstock back on your lathe quickly and safely can be a chore.


That's why we invented and patented the remarkable Tilt-Away™, a COMPLETE solution that gets the tailstock out of the way, stores it, and quickly repositions it - PLUS gives you added spindle turning capacity.


The Sweet 16 Tilt Away is ambidextrous and can be used to place the tailstock to the front or back of the lathe. To use it, simply slide the tailstock onto the Tilt-Away and lock it down.  Release the Tilt-Away locking lever, pull out the locating pin and tilt the tailstock to the front or back. Now the tailstock is COMPLETELY out of the way. To put your tailstock back in position, simply reverse the procedure.


PLEASE NOTE: adding the Tilt-Away to the S16 negates easily using the gap section as a bed extension.


Spec Sheet

Price and Build