Steady Rest
16 inch Steady Rest

16 inch Steady Rest

$ 595.00

Steady RestOur 16″ steady rests are constructed from a rigid tubular steel ring and made to fit 16″ lathes like the Sweet 16, Jet 1642 and a host of others.  All the wheels are heavy duty & industrial quality, not roller skate wheels.

Upon request, we will orient the arms for better laser access.  We can also equip these steady rests with four evenly spaced arms.

Steady rests are made to order. You need to specify which lathe you have when ordering so that we can install the correct tenon to fit your ways. Click here for Robust Steady Rest Tips.

 The 16” steady rest is sized for the S16 with the gap section in place.  It can be supplied in the conventional arm layout, as shown, or with the arm offset for laser use on hollow forms.

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