You won’t find Robust lathes in a “big box” store.  Robust lathes are only sold direct and by the Woodturning Professionals listed here. These pros regularly use Robust lathes  for their personal work and teach on them as well.  

Rest assured, whether you speak directly with us or one of the dealers below, you are speaking with someone who knows woodturning and more than a little about Robust lathes. 

Click on the links below to visit our dealers.


David Ellsworth

David Ellsworth: “It is a pleasure to represent a company that builds custom machines that are the finest quality, best design and most versatile wood lathes made today.

David has five Robust lathes at his woodturning school & studio at his home in North Carolina.  Take a class from David and you can choose to spend time on on his three American Beauties or one of his two Sweet 16’s.  Just for fun, he has an additional Sweet 16 at his family summer home in the mountains of Colorado.

The Ellsworth School of Woodturning

208 Ox Creek
Weaverville, NC 28787
Phone: 215-527-7928


Trent Bosch: “I have a lot of lathes in my shop and my Robust American Beauty is my favorite, not because I make anything different on it than I would on any of the other lathes, but because of how enjoyable it is to use.  The design is so well thought out it just makes it more fun to turn with and at this stage in my woodturning that is really important to me.  I am proud to be a Robust distributor because I really believe in the product.”

Trent is a professional wood artisan and respected teacher from Fort Collins, Colorado. Along with three day classes taught at his studio, Trent also teaches a number of craft schools. He is a highly sought after demonstrator at symposiums and woodturning club events. Trent has American Beauties for you to turn on if you take a class from him in Colorado.

Trent Bosch Studios
10520 N. County Road 17
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524
Phone: (970) 568-3299


Don G

Don Geiger: “I have learned from my 28 years as manufacturer’s rep that product quality and customer support are paramount. I believe Robust meets these standards. As a Robust dealer and an experienced woodturner, I provide customers with knowledgeable guidance and local support.”

Along with Robust lathes and accessories, Don also sells a line of sharpening tools of his own design. For local customers, Don will help set up your lathe when it’s delivered and give a turning lesson too.

Geiger’s Solutions
Newberry, Fl 32669
Phone: 352-354-3314

Dale at lathe


Dale Rouleau is a professional woodturner (his turning website can be found here) from Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada. Dale, along with the folks from Bow River Specialty Woods, Courtenay, B.C. recently opened a retail store called: “Wood to Works” that supports turners and carvers. Here’s what Dale had to say after purchasing a Robust American Beauty:

In 26 years of professional woodturning I have turned on a wide variety of lathes.
With each one of those lathes I had a “I wish it had list”.  The Robust American Beauty doesn’t have a “wish it had list”. It has everything I could want in a lathe.

I wish I had got this machine years ago.

A list of small things that where designed into the machine makes set-up and use a breeze. Build quality is second to none. Brent thought of everything when designing this lathe. We are proud to be a Canadian distributor of Robust lathes.

Dale Rouleau
Wood to Works
2267 Cousins Road
Courtenay, B.C.
Canada  V9N 3N6

Phone: 250-331-9392

Steve W
Steve Worcester: I started turning in 1994 and have the opportunity to own several lathes and demonstrate on about every manufacturer and model of lathe out there. 

When I was looking for a product line to carry, without question, it was Robust.

The product combines all the features I want in a lathe, everything operates smoothly and the way it is supposed to. Plenty of power, banjos and tailstocks glide, everything works the way precision machinery should, no fiddling. I am very proud to join the Robust family and sell and support the finest lathes available.

Steve is a frequent demonstrator and incorporates glass work with his woodturning. He concentrates mostly on hollow forms and lists David Ellsworth and Trent Bosch as his main influences. Steve also sells a great line of abrasives, which you can learn more about on his website.

Steve Worcester
3304 Colt Drive
Plano, TX  75074

Alan Lacer
Alan and Mary Lacer are a couple that need no introduction to people who have been woodturning for any time at all. They are frequently found at symposiums and events all over the country. Alan is a prolific writer and DVD producer. He is a regular demonstrator at clubs and conferences, having now demonstrated or taught in all 50 states and 5 foreign countries. He is the undeniable master of the skew chisel and teaches regularly at the Marc Adam School of Woodworking. Mary is a knowledgeable turner too, and the pair are known for their great friendly service.

Here’s what Alan had to say about becoming a Robust dealer:

Robust lathes are rugged and solid machines.  The steel fabrication is  done right here in Wisconsin (where Alan and Mary also live), with the  headstock and tailstock castings poured here too–nothing cheesy about these lathes.   The sliding headstock feature on several of the models places these lathes at the front of the pack in this category.   The standard stainless steel ways on all models leads to an effortless glide of the banjo  and tailstock.   The Tilt Away feature for the  tailstock was a real innovation in the field for moving a large tailstock out of the way.  The Comfort Tool Rests–offered also as after-market upgrades on virtually all lathes–is a real boon to any who use an underhand grip in their turning  (very important for skew folks!). 

Alan and Mary Lacer
299 Plainview Drive
River Falls, WI, 54022
Phone: 715-426-9451
Fax: 715-426-9451

Jeri and Christian with an American Beauty for sale in their very well stocked store in Las Vegas, Nevada. They also have a great online store.

Jeri and Christian with an American Beauty for sale in their very well stocked store in Las Vegas, Nevada. They also have a great online store.

Christian and Jeri Brisepierre are the proprietors of the Woodworker’s Emporium in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Christian is originally from France, where he first got the woodworking bug.  Jeri is a home grown Southern California girl.  When not tending their well stocked store or doting on their grandkids, they can be found at numerous woodturning and woodworking shows throughout the west, and sometimes east.  Christian is also an accomplished turner and sometimes demonstrator at woodturning symposiums.  Here’s what Christian has to say about becoming a Robust dealer:

We have been selling woodworking machinery and  tools since 1980. A frequent question from customers has been “where is it made?”. Truly American made machines are fairly rare in the woodworking field. Now,for the lathe,we have a series of high quality machines made by Brent and Deb English in Wisconsin and there is no question that their design is the result of extensive research among woodturners. Of all the woodworking machines the lathe is probably the one we get the closest to, we lean over it,we hug it, we dance around it and some of us even straddle it, so it has to be friendly to our body. The Robust lathe is definitively a comfortable machine. We are proud to add Robust to our selection of lathes.

Christian Brisepierre
Woodworker’s Emporium
Las Vegas,NV
Phone: 702-871-0722
Toll Free: 800-779-7458

Woodchuckers (2)

Marc Solomon and Peter Steenwyk are well known to Toronto area woodturners and woodworkers. They’ve combined forces under the Woodchuckers name. Here’s what Marc wrote us about becoming a dealer:

Both Peter and I here at Woodchuckers are excited to add such a well thought out and well built family of lathes to our store.

The engineered flexibility of use and innovations built into these lathes and accessories makes working on them really enjoyable. The ability to work traditionally or standing squarely at an out board with no compromises makes these machines a comfortable place to create from.

Most importantly though, for both dealer/distributor and customer, is to have the full support and cooperation of the manufacturer behind the product. Our mission is to provide solid products of high quality and good customer service to the woodturning community and Robust allows us this privilege.

Cut Carve and let the Chips Fly.

Marc Solomon, Head Chipper

50 Venture Drive #4
Toronto, ON M1B 3L6
1-800-551-0192, Ext 21

Steve Fulgoni
Steve Fulgoni is an engineer and has been a woodturner since 1992.  He has been President of two Chapters of the AAW.  He teaches and demonstrates throughout the Long Island and New York City areas.  He has been designing and manufacturing tools for many years and is the owner of “The Woodturning Store” where he sells his own woodturning tools and supplies. Steve comments:

I own three Powermatics and a custom Nichols lathe. I have been tweaking them for years, trying to make a great lathe but couldn’t get what I wanted.  When my American Beauty arrived, my search was over, I found my dream lathe.

The AB25 has tremendous power and stability.  My old Powermatic had 400 Lbs. of cast iron in the base and was bolted to the floor, yet still rumbles along.  I uncrated my AB25, quickly leveled the legs and within minutes, I was up and running, outperforming all of my old lathes.  The smoothness at all speeds is amazing.  The low end torque is better than my Nichols lathe.  Incredible!

My congratulations to Brent and his team at Robust for creating the finest lathe I have ever used.  The attention to detail is evident in every component of the lathe.  Made in the USA with a 7 year warranty … How can you beat that?
I am also a business owner in another industry.  My days are filled with stress.  I come home to my shop at night to relax, unwind and make chips fly.  My Robust AB25 has made my shop time a pleasure.  After all these years, I was finally able to reach for the best … and Robust delivered.

As a Robust owner and dealer, I am thrilled to share these great machines with others.  If you ever visit the New York City area, forget Times Square … have some real fun and come turn on my Robust !!

Steve Fulgoni
The Woodturning Store
Dix Hills, New York
(631) 421-TOOL (8665)

Steven Kennard - Ellie Kennard 2014

Steven Kennard is a woodturner and sculptor living and working in Nova Scotia, Canada. From exotic and indigenous woods he creates turned, carved and textured pieces as sculptural boxes in one of a kind and limited edition work.

Turning and carving have been an important part of his work since the mid ‘70s when he started working as a furniture maker. Steven has worked in England, France and Canada.  He has been selected for numerous awards and his work has been featured in “New Masters of Woodturning” and “New Masters of the Wooden Box”. Steve says:

“My woodturning career spans more than 35 years and 3 countries and during that time I have turned on many lathes – my own and those supplied at workshops I have taught and at symposiums where I have been demonstrating. My Robust American Beauty outshines them all in every respect. The quality of the engineering is fantastic and the finish and atttention to detail can only be described as superlative. There is absolutely no vibration and it is unbelievably quiet. (Noise is the one thing that drives me crazy when I am spending hours doing fine work.)  Brent has obviously spent many hours researching and perfecting the ergonomics and innovative features which allow a turner to work with great comfort and ease for many hours without fatigue. This applies across the board, whether turning small items or large vessels and bowls. These lathes have to be used and seen by a turner to be fully appreciated, words alone don’t cut it. I always encourage interested turners to visit me in my shop to make some shavings and get “the Robust experience” first hand.

I am proud to represent a company whose products are outstanding, whose customer support is second to none and which warrants their products for 7 years. Where else does this exist today?”
Steven Kennard Studio and Gallery
9545 Highway 221
Canning, Nova Scotia B0P 1H0

Phone: 902-582-3795

Paul Judkins 300

Paul and Jana Judkins own Chucks Plus and offer a full line of woodturning chucks, turning tools and woodturning DVDs.  Robust lathes are the perfect complement to their current line of products.   For local customers Paul will deliver your lathe, help set it up, test it to ensure proper operation and spend some time making shavings with you.

“We are very proud to be a Robust dealer.  The decision to add Robust to our product offerings was really a “no brainer”! Their lathes and accessories are unparalleled in their thoughtful design, fit and finish and quality.  I have been actively woodturning for the past 20 years.  During that time I have had the opportunity to work on just about every lathe available in the US.  Without question the Robust is the best overall lathe I have ever used.  If you enjoy turning as much as I do, you will want to get your hands on an Robust.  It will become immediately obvious that these machines were built by woodturners for woodturners. . .these guys got it right. Spend a few minutes turning on one and I promise you will be grinning from ear to ear!  I look forward to discussing your turning requirements and helping you determine which Robust will best meet your current and future needs.  I also provide local support and training.”

Paul W. Judkins
Chucks Plus
Krugerville, Texas

Phil Irons 300

Our exclusive UK agent for all Robust lathes:

Phil Irons:  I have been turning professionally since 1994 and had an out of control hobby for many years before that. In that time I have used and owned quite a few different lathes, for 12 years I was also the UK distributor for the best known Australian lathe manufacturer, selling many hundreds of their lathes.

As a pro turner you can always see something on a lathe that you think “I wish they had done this or put that there”, that’s certainly not the case with Brent, I’ve had my AB for nearly 2 years now and haven’t  found a single thing that I would change or wish for, it all just works. I’m 6’ 7” tall and I really have to look after my back, the tailstock tilt-away is the best thing since ‘sliced bread’.

It’s not just the lathes, everything Robust makes is of the highest quality and finish, from the power coating on the lathes to the hardened rod on every tool rest.

If you want the best lathe money can buy, you’ve just found it.

Phil Irons. Woodturner.
Box Acre,
Barton Road,
Welford on Avon
CV37 8EY
Tel: 01789 751284

robust roger jpeg

Craft Supplies USA is no stranger to anyone involved in woodturning. Like Robust they are family owned and operated, with a commitment to deliver the best products with the best service. Their lathe specialist, Roger Durst, has this to say:

For the past 17  years, I’ve experienced a great deal of satisfaction in helping customers here at Craft Supplies USA choose the very best in woodturning tools and equipment.   Even though much has changed over the years, the satisfaction I feel when helping customers choose their “dream lathe” is just as exciting as ever.

All of us here at Craft Supplies USA are excited to offer Robust wood lathes.   The unique blend of simplicity and functionality is superb… and each lathe has an all-American fit and finish you can only get with a Robust.

Roger Durst
Technical Dept. Supervisor/ Lathe Specialist
Craft Supplies USA/ The Woodturners Catalog

Carl and Robin Jacobson with their new American Beauty

Carl and Robin Jacobson with their new American Beauty

If you are a woodturner and get on YouTube, you are no stranger to Carl Jacobson.  He recently disposed of his import lathe and made the move to Robust.  We help sponsor Carl’s show and he has also become a dealer.  Here’s a few words from the man himself:

“I started woodworking with my grandfather as a young boy. I continued woodworking through high school, and started wood turning after seeing a turned project in a friend’s shop. Shortly after YouTube started, I was looking for a how-to video for duck calls. With no results I decided to make my own video. Almost eight years later, I have over 85 thousand subscribers. Robust has always been on my “wish list” so when I got the opportunity to own one of their lathes, I was thrilled! The lathes are unmatched in quality, and obviously designed by woodturners. The craftsmanship along with the seven year warranty, speaks volumes for everyone at Robust! Being able to represent Robust is an honor. Some of my fondest memories are working with my grandfather in his wood shop. He would of been a proud owner too! Being able to share my passion for wood turning with others ties it all together.

Carl Jacobson
Sherwood, Oregon
Phone: 503-939-4565
go to and search for “Carl Jacobson”

Robust Dealer Terry Golbeck


Terry Golbeck is the proprietor of Black Forest Woods in Calgary, Alberta.  Here’s what Terry has to say about the American Beauty he is pictured with:

I really like the solid versatility of the American Beauty.  I can rough out and get the work balanced safely between centers and then move the headstock to the end of the bed for the convenience of a pedestal lathe for hollowing, all without any compromise.  Of course, rotating the tailstock completely out of the way with a two finger effort is a Zen experience.  It is a real joy to use a lathe that lets me make what I want to make the way I want to make it.

Whether you want an American Beauty, Sweet 16 or Scout, Terry is your contact in western Canada.

Terry Golbeck, Owner/Manager

Black Forest Wood Co.
Bay 7, 603 77th Ave. SE
Calgary, Alberta, T2H 2B9

Phone: 403 255-6044
Fax: 403 255-6502
Toll Free: 1-877-686-6061



Ralph Benson is the owner of the Woodworking Source. After an extended career at a major technology firm Ralph took an early retirement. Having been taught throughout his life a number of trade skills by his father, Ralph selected woodworking as his chosen retirement hobby. After ten years of retirement filled with travels and advancing woodworking skills Ralph chose to open the Woodworking Source.

Ralph H Benson
The Woodworking Source
9744 S. Virginia St., Suite E

Reno, NV 89511


Joe Osolnik

Joe OsolnikIt is especially an honor to add the Robust Lathes to our distributorship. The precision of build that goes into these lathes represents the thoughtfulness for the turners needs and use. Robust will add the top line to our offering of lathes.

A turner can simply build out a lathe to his or hers desires and needs. The options are not only many but designed with the flow of the machine.

We will do our best to represent this fine line and serve our customers with great service.”


Osolnik Machinery and Supplies has been in business since 1996 in Berea, Kentucky.  Our goal to our customers is to offer great prices, quality product lines backed by their respective companies and to provide the best customer service we can.

We own and maintain the Rude Osolnik website. Providing information of his life and work as one of the most Influential woodturners and widely seen as the Grandfather of Woodturning. Rudy developed and designed the first Powermatic 3520 Lathe in 1996 along with the engineers and staff at the original Powermatic Company located in McMinnville, TN.

Joe Osolnik

Osolnik Machinery & Supplies

120 North Broadway

Berea, KY 40403

Phone:  859-893-0965


Tim Yoder: “I have had the chance to turn on most of the lathes that are on the market today. None are as well designed as the ‘Made in USA’ Robust line of lathes. From the rust proof stainless steel ways to the pneumatic tilt away tailstock Brent English has thought of everything a turner might need in a lathe. With so many options and possibilities I am more than happy to help answer any questions you might have.

Back in 2005, Tim worked for RSU-TV, a PBS station. He pitched the idea of producing and shooting a show about woodturning. What he did not know was that he would end up on the other end of the camera as the host or that the show would be syndicated nationally its first year. Woodturning Workshop with Tim Yoder ran for 4 seasons and 65 episodes. It still reruns on the PBS Create network to this day. After the Emmy awarded show was put on ‘hiatus’ by the station management, Tim and his director and photographer Bryan Crain revived the show on the web. They have now produced over 100 new woodturning videos.

Tim Yoder

Woodturning with Tim Yoder

John Jordan at Robust

John Jordan: “Over the last 30 years, I have used hundreds, probably thousands, of lathes. Every major and most minor brands, and have owned most of them at one time or another, and we imported and sold hundreds of a very nice Australian lathe that is no longer made. I’ve watched the ROBUST with interest since Brent showed the first one at the 2005 AAW Symposium, and have been impressed with the growth of his company and further refinement of his lathes. Impressed enough to recommend ROBUST when people called looking to buy a lathe, and after a few years of that, it just made sense to become a dealer. My American Beauty is the best lathe I have ever had-made in America by a great guy and his wife and dedicated employees. How could you go wrong? Try a Robust for yourself!”


John Jordan July 2016


If you’ve been around woodturning any time at all, John and his wife Vicki need no introduction.  One of the few people to have never missed an AAW symposium, John’s work is displayed in museums and private collections around the world.  His demonstrations and teaching events are not to be missed.


John Jordan Woodturning

John and Vicki Jordan

6320 Burkitt Road

Cane Ridge, TN  37013


Grant Tatham


Grant Tatham is head man at WOODWORKING HQ, an importer of the largest range of high quality woodworking machinery in New Zealand. You will find quality made products from the best suppliers in their shop.  They are the exclusive sales agent for Robust in New Zealand.

Grant Tatham

32 Adams Drive, Pukekohe,
Auckland, New Zealand 2120
Phone: 09 2388919/ 09 2988339
Mobile: 021 948 359 Grant

Naoto Suzuki composite


Naoto Suziki is our exclusive agent for Japan: I have supplied the best woodturning lathes and tools to the Japanese market since 1999.  If you can imagine Craft Supplies USA located in Hamamatsu, just two hours by bullet train from Tokyo, then you can imagine my store.  I am a member of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) and have helped organize symposiums in Japan, inviting world famous turners like Alan Lacer, John Jordan, Jean Francios Escoulen and Eli Avisera.  I have also helped take the best Japanese traditional woodturners, like Masaaki Hiroi and Yoshinobu Kakaizawa to AAW symposiums to show their unique projects to American woodturners.

 When I was a kid I had a fun making shavings with my grandfather.  When I grew up I became a mechanical engineer and started woodturning when I was 39.  My interests range from bowl turning on the big lathes like the American Beauty to traditional Japanese turnings. In the future I hope to organize more woodturning conferences in Japan.

 I am surprised so many lathes including European brands are now made in China. In China the priority is always about price but in Japan the priority is high quality first.  We expect Robust lathes are of the very best quality.

Naoto Suzuki

Aoinishi 6-1-43,Nakaku,
433-8111 Japan

Odd Erik Thjømøe: Odd Erik is the Owner and Managing Director of Verktoy AS based in Stavanger, Norway.  VERKTOY AS specializes in the distribution and sale of woodworking, wood turning and wood carving tools and supplies in Norway and throughout Scandinavia.


Odd Erik also hosts the Norwegian Woodturning Cruise.  The eleven day event features daily demonstrations by world famous demonstrators and top manufacturers. People from around the world sign up for the event as much as a year in advance.  Of course the magnificent Norwegian scenery and hospitality only add to this wonderful experience.

Company name:  VERKTOY AS


Odd Erik Thjømøe

Sjøhagen 2, 4016 Stavanger. Norway

Phone: +47 51886800     
Email:   and

Web:  and



Lyle Jamieson is a well known teacher and demonstrator.  His captive hollowing system is a model that many others have emulated.  Lyle has six lathes in his shop but works solely on the Robust American Beauty whether he is using his hollowing system or teaching students.


Lyle says, “I have been turning all my life and manufacturing and selling turning tools since 1988.  I have never endorsed or wanted to be a distributor of any lathes until now.  It is a pleasure to use the best, and have the versatility to do every kind of turning.  As a tool manufacturer, I appreciate the quality, engineering and attention to detail that Robust puts into every lathe.”


Lyle Jamieson Woodturning, LLC

Sculptor & Instructor of Turned Objects

285 Lauri-Wil Lane

Traverse City, MI 49696


YouTube channel:

Facebook page:

Stuart Kent teaches woodturning and furniture making and specializes in handcrafting custom woodturnings and furniture for discerning clients. He has been working with wood since 1992 both on the shop floor and in management positions.  He has degrees in Furniture Design and in Sculpture and has taught Art and Design for universities internationally. He is also a Senior United States Fulbright Scholar.

Stuart Says: I have taught woodturning internationally in colleges and privately for more than a decade. Over those years I have had the unique opportunity to turn wood on most of lathes available throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. I currently own and teach with a variety of machines from 6 different companies, but unequivocally endorse the entire Robust line as the finest available. These lathes are thoughtfully designed and meticulously well crafted. The have intuitive, purpose-built features that are straight forward and easy to use. Robust lathes are quiet and exceptionally smooth, with premium quality inverters and motors. Their accessories are the very best on the market.

Beyond the outstanding physical workmanship, Robust puts follow-through and customer service above everything. They take pride in what they do and it shows. They take time to understand customer needs and custom build every machine for the individual. They warranty everything down to the nuts and bolts for seven years, and they make it all in Wisconsin. All of this adds up to the very best ownership experience.

It is my pleasure to use, teach with, and sell Robust.

Stuart Kent
Winterville, North Carolina


Tool rests can also be purchased online through these fine dealers:

Craft Supplies USA,

Packard Woodworks,

Woodcraft, and many local Woodcraft stores

In Canada, shop Artistic Wood and Tool Supply,

The Woodturning Store,

The Woodworker's Emporium,

Wood World of Texas,