Robert Blum

Robert Blum from California started out getting his Sweet 16 like that old Johnny Cash song, "One piece at a time". He first ordered a replacement banjo for his Jet 1642 and was so impressed with the quality that he bought the rest of the lathe at the Phoenix AAW Symposium. After he took delivery, here's what he had to say:

The Sweet 16 finally arrived! I actually "love" it. I did not realize how uncomfortable I was turning on the Jet, which was a fine machine but was too tall for me. Brent set the S16 to 42 inches which makes the height perfect. By the way the speed control is extremely accurate based upon the manual numbers, so I am just using them (laminated and pinned to the wall) to adjust lathe speed. I took Brent's advice and started with some small bowls to get comfortable with the machine. Next up---30 inch wall sculpture with chemical patination.

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