Keith Flood and his new Sweet 16

We got this nice note and picture from fairly new turner, Keith Flood:

I received my Sweet 16 late Friday and in a few hours had it set up and in place. I have bought a number of other large machines both new and used in the past and never have I had one so exquisitely crated and packaged with accessories. Set up was super easy and an extra bonus of buying a product made in the USA was not having to remove a bunch of cosmoline! 🙂

Back in November after I placed my order I started accumulating some project blanks to learn with including some pens/pencils....I have been a life long woodworker but I have never used a lathe before. I did watch plenty of videos in the last few months which helped but I will be joining my local turning club and maybe look for a workshop to get some fundamentals down.

After just a few hours I produced my first four pens/pencils and while I have a very long way to go as far as refining shapes to exactly what I want, I am super happy with the results...Having a Robust lathe truly takes the work out of woodworking when it comes to turning wood! For fun now when I watch videos I look to see if the turner is using a Robust tool rest and I am amazed at how many turners, no matter the lathe they are on, are using Robust tool rests, now that says a lot about Robust Tools! 

Thank you for making such an amazing product that is just so completely thought out and is a pleasure to use! 

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