Jack Armstrong

Jack Armstrong is a recent retiree to New Zealand. Jack took a chance on us and bought his lathe without ever actually seeing one in person. We did some special packing for Jack to ensure a safe arrival on his distant shore, and helped him organize a somewhat challenging delivery to his studio behind his house

Here's part of Jack's correspondence with us about the lathe:

I moved from Hawaii to New Zealand and left my trusty Vicmarc 300EVS-SB behind. Pickings in NZ for lathes are slim whether new or used...I originally planned to replace my Vic with another but have been following the Robust American Beauty for several years...

I spent over two years reviewing different lathes and their specifications before finally deciding to purchase the Robust American Beauty.  My research paid off because my AB is everything I ever wanted in a lathe, and lots more.  I love well-designed machines and my AB is an outstanding example of elegant engineering and user-friendliness.  But it’s more than just a pretty face, my AB is quiet, rock solid and powerful (I got the 3 hp motor).  Hogging off excess from big logs is effortless, and I can use more speed without vibration than I ever thought possible because the AB is so stable.  The only thing my AB won’t do is clean up the shavings, but I couldn’t be a happier turner.

P.S. I checked your owners’ gallery and I think that, at just over 8,100 miles from Barneveld, I may hold your distance record on Robust AB sales so far.

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