Robust’s Latest Dealer – Stuart Kent

Stuart Kent teaches woodturning and furniture making and specializes in handcrafting custom woodturnings and furniture for discerning clients. He has been working with wood since 1992 both on the shop floor and in management positions.  He has degrees in Furniture Design and in Sculpture and has taught Art and Design for universities internationally. He is also a Senior United States Fulbright Scholar.

Stuart Says: I have taught woodturning internationally in colleges and privately for more than a decade. Over those years I have had the unique opportunity to turn wood on most of lathes available throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. I currently own and teach with a variety of machines from 6 different companies, but unequivocally endorse the entire Robust line as the finest available. These lathes are thoughtfully designed and meticulously well crafted. The have intuitive, purpose-built features that are straight forward and easy to use. Robust lathes are quiet and exceptionally smooth, with premium quality inverters and motors. Their accessories are the very best on the market.

Beyond the outstanding physical workmanship, Robust puts follow-through and customer service above everything. They take pride in what they do and it shows. They take time to understand customer needs and custom build every machine for the individual. They warranty everything down to the nuts and bolts for seven years, and they make it all in Wisconsin. All of this adds up to the very best ownership experience.

It is my pleasure to use, teach with, and sell Robust.

Stuart Kent
Winterville, North Carolina


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