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Robust Lathes Liberty

LB Quarter View

Liberty 16" Sliding Headstock Lathe

OVERVIEW: The Liberty is based on our popular American Beauty, and like it, the Liberty has a sliding headstock, stainless steel ways and industrial grade motor and controls. The height is adjustable to fit you.

TILT-AWAY: The optional Tilt-Away gets the tailstock completely out of your way and quickly repositions it to the lathe bed when you need it.  The Tilt-Away lets you tip the tailstock both backward or forward so that you can do operations without interference from the back of the lathe too.  Learn more about Tilt-Away and view an animation by clicking on the Tilt Away Tab above.

BENCH MODEL: If you’d like to build your own stand to put the Liberty, it is also available as a bench model. Using a 30" bench will give you a spindle height of about 45". Brackets are provided to attach the lathe to the bench if your purchase your Liberty this way.

MOTOR AND DRIVE: The Liberty comes standard with a 1-1/2 HP motor wired for 110 volt. The optional 2HP motor is 220 volt only.  The motor drive (aka: "VFD" or "Inverter") can be mounted on the end of the lathe as shown here or on the wall behind the lathe using the same bracket.

There is no belt changing with the variable speed Liberty. Low end torque is ensured the use of a vector style motor drive and further augmented by using a smaller pulley on the motor than on the spindle. High end RPM (2900 max) is derived electronically. The spindle RPM is digitally displayed.

CONTROL: The corded pendent controller is fitted with two rare earth magnets and can be moved anywhere along the lathe bed, on the leg assembly or on the headstock.  The spindle lock knob can be see directly below the handwheel. Locking the spindle disconnects the controls, so no more burnt belts if you try to start the lathe with the spindle lock engaged.

HEADSTOCK AND TAILSTOCK:  The headstock is relieved in front, allowing great access to the back of the work.  Both the headstock and tailstock are formed from cast iron in a US foundry and then precision machined to exacting tolerances.  To move them, lift the large lever, slide to the new position, and push down on the lever to lock it in place.  To ensure alignment, push them against the back way when you lock them down.  This way the tennon underneath makes firm contact and lines up the centers.

INDEXING: 48 position indexing is standard and accessed from inside the headstock as shown in the picture.  The Liberty spindle is the same that we use on the larger American Beauty.

The 16" Liberty has these great features:

  • Sliding headstock
  • Stainless steel ways
  • Adjustable Spindle Height
  • Corded Pendant Controller
  • US made 1.5 or 2.0 HP industrial grade motor
  • Premium Vector Drive with Auto-Tune
  • Variable Speed, Forward/Reverse
  • Graduated Quill

Popular Options

  • 2 HP/220 volt motor
  • Tilt Away
  • 16” Bed Extension
  • Outboard Turning Attachment
  • 110 volt outlet
  • Vacuum Adapter
  • Caster Kit
  • Bed Extension
  • Tool/Tailstock Rack

This link opens a new tab. When you are finished you can close the tab and continue using the tabs or menu above.

This link opens a new tab. When you are finished you can close the tab and continue using the tabs or menu above.

This link opens a new tab. When you are finished you can close the tab and continue using the tabs or menu above.

The remarkable patented Tilt-Away™ tailstock attachment by Robust.

Turners struggle with tailstocks. While needed for so many operations, and sometimes used to ensure safety, they are often in the way. The normal solution: take it off. That's the easy part. Getting a heavy tailstock back on your lathe safely, quickly and easily can be a chore.

That's why we invented and patented the Tilt-Away.

Don't be confused by swinging tailstock attachments that only offer a partial solution. Only the Tilt-Away gets the tailstock COMPLETELY out of the way - PLUS gives you added spindle turning capacity.

LB SS 5 Tilt Gif

Step 1: Slide your tailstock onto the Tilt Away until it hits the stop and lock it down.

Step 2: Release the Tilt Away locking lever, pull out the locating pin and tilt the tailstock out of the way.  If you want to turn from the back of the lathe, the Tilt-Away can be used to place the tailstock on the front side of the lathe as well.

Step 3: Now the tailstock is COMPLETELY out of the way. Don't be fooled by swing-style attachments that merely move the tailstock to the side and still obstruct full access to the work.

To put your tailstock back in position, release the locating pin and lift up the tailstock until the pin snaps back into place.  Slide the tailstock partly onto the lathe bed for alignment before tightening the locking lever.